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Grief & Support

Losing a pet is a difficult process and is often similar to the grief experienced when losing a person, because our pets are often intimate members of our family. It’s always best to surround yourself with the support of friends and family as you grieve the loss of your pet.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Grieving occurs gradually and you cannot speed it along

  • Grieving is a personalized experience and can vary greatly from person to person

  • For additional support, pet loss groups or professional help are recommended to help you cope. Below are videos to help you learn more.

  • Create a memorial for your pet on our site. Often, this helps you reminisce the good times you had with your pet and will help you to move on from your grief.

  • In addition searching the internet for pet memorial ideas should provide numerous inspirations such as engraved stones, jewelry, scrapbooks, plaques, picture frames, etc.

Additional resources:

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